Saturday, May 29, 2010

Space Jail

Space Jail is a collaborative comic made of awesome, bein' cranked out by MICA's Sequential Art Club. Aliens, repo men, sexy three-boobed octopus ladies, guns, and bushy beards. Gotta love it!
I made some spiffy chapter cover-pages for the project. You can find the story outline and such here.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Second full Illustration

Done! Except for a world of nitpicking and tweeking, this piece is finished. I also want to add a white border around it, with more room at the bottom for a small quote from Alice in Wonderland.

This piece was inspired by reading quotes from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, and I hope to count it towards my concepts II course. The concept here would be the illustration of a quote, but also of the context in which the quote was read--here, in a strange new world.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sleeping Boys

Continuing with my series of portraits of boys sleeping on wood floors, here's a guy named Long who was nice enough to curl up for the reference photo. This drawing (its about as tall as me) and the other one are not 100% complete yet, I will be experimentally adding color abstract elements. I want to not only take them further than just plain drawings, but also give them a color pop-- something flat and simple, not overpowering, and not super specific.
The idea with the drawings (and the elements that will be added) has to do with personal reflections and tender moments of violence (?).

A return to a familiar aesthetic

Here's a bad photo of a nice drawing I did today in class. The model is a guy who lives in my dorm at Takadanobaba. The floorboards are the same ones I draw every time I get a chance (refer to my freshman life drawing class). Ahh, it feels good to carve a drawing out of charcoal and Arches once again. I feel in my element when I'm working on something simple like this. I toootally forgot (or never fully realized) that vine charcoal makes everything look 10x as finished as it is.