Monday, November 9, 2009

Miss Rebecca does Summer Camp

I've worked at an art summer camp over the summer for a past few years as a teacher/counselor. Featured in the article (linked) below are a few of the projects I did with my classes. The age group was 5 to 7 years olds, and we drew giant abstract murals, flowers, and spaceships! Jackson Polluck and Georgia O'Keefe, eat yor heart out.

The Space Project, left, and The Colorful Project gave students the chance to work in large formats. (Photo by Katie Deits)

Aren't they just fab?? I'm so proud of my students!
(The cardboard trees were part of the same session but for a different teacher, my darling Miss Kate <3)>

"Children are often limited in the size of their artwork, but the camp gave kids the opportunity to work in large formats...'Instructor Rebecca Mock put paper on the floor,' Rushforth said, 'and the students painted it just as Jackson Pollock did. Then each student made his or her own spaceship that they colored, cut out and suspended out from the painting with wire.'"

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B.Wallz said...

Awesome dude! This sounds really fun.