Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Zines for Comic-Con + Jughead Poster

Three fresh new zines for Baltimore Comic Con 2011, this weekend! limited editions, come grab em while they last! I'm sharing a table with Melody Often, Michael Clayton, and Aimee Fleck. Come visit us!

The Point of No Return is a fan zine + poster made entirely with my post-graduation depression energy.
Travels is an 8 page mini-zine containing 2 true stories of my time abroad.
And of course, QUICKIE issue 2, a collaborative zine featuring me and my tablemates as well as some lovely drawings by Christina Barrera. I will be selling these and a number of prints!

jughead is (c) archie comics inc.


B.Wallz said...

This sounds exciting.

qingzhuang said...

This looks beautiful, Rebecca. I haven't seen the insides but you should be very proud of yourself.

Nicole said...

this is so awesome.