Saturday, April 10, 2010

East and West Pin Ups

I fell in love with top-buns and thigh-highs while living in Tokyo. At the same time, I'll always love curvy sun-bleached blondes on the beach. I miss home in other ways too. This is erotic illustration about that.

I know, I know, I should draw the boys too. It's harder for me to imagine guys naked, and that really bugs me. Something to be said about male vs female fashion-- for the guys, I always notice how beautifully the clothes are layered on, and with girls I always notice the hints of skin and curves. So when linking fashion accessories to the body, it's easier for me to think of female accessories? What is wrong with this picture? Female body objectifying methinks?

For Tokyo guys, its all in the scarf and glasses. Maybe a watch? I ran into problems when I got to thinking about the feet. I don't like the idea of drawing socks on a naked body... doesn't really do it for me. But it seems unbalanced if I don't? I've noticed a lot of guys doing the jean-cutoffs-over-leggings thing. Can this please be a fad in America soon?? Also the blazer-over-knit-sweater look. And rolled up jeans over funny colored socks and punky boots. This is a unisex thing actually. I love it!!

For American guys though? To be quite honest I don't see much in American male style. Not commonly, at least. Suggestions please? Discuss?

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