Friday, April 2, 2010

Japan's got talent

A would like to pimp out some cool artists I had the pleasure of meeting a couple weeks ago at my gallery show at Design Festa Harajuku.

The first is a young woman from Korea, living in Japan. Her sketches are incredibly detailed and delicate. She captured some beautiful city life moments, and her fashion illustrations are very chic. Of the work I saw there, her small show was one of my favorites. Thank you (rara) for kindly talking with me.
Click the image to visit her blog. :)

I also talked at length (in two broken languages) with a very nice young woman named Mai Nakahira. Her illustrations were amazing, and I was very impressed by her storybooks! That she had created something so beautiful and professional by herself was truly amazing. Her style is fanciful and full of magic.

Her show (called "Monster's Cave") was a collaboration with friend and partner-in-crime Hariken, whose work is of a similar genre but with a more edgy style. The both of them were very nice, with a love of strange and silly drawings. Good luck to both of them!
Can I be just like Hariken and Mai when I grow up? Look how awesome they are.

In addition, I enjoyed a collaborative show called "1 2 3 4 5 6 7"

The artworks were by a group of artists. All the work was small and intricate. I loved looking carefully at each piece. (Click the images to see more pictures!)

Everyone was very nice to me. I was too nervous to really talk with everyone, also I because very aware of just how little Japanese I can speak. But nonetheless, it was very fun.


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Alice said...

Thank you so much, Rebecca.
How kind you are!:)
What a wonderful posting!